Transpersonal Coaching and Therapy Network (TCTN)

Transpersonal Coaching and Therapy Network (TCTN)

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The Transpersonal Coaching and Therapy Network (TCTN) is a free membership group of coaches and therapists, as well as educators and students of coaching and therapy who value and integrate transpersonal perspectives in their work.

The TCTN exists for the purpose of:

  • Exploring the value of transpersonal perspectives in coaching or therapy.
  • Investigating the usefulness of transpersonal interventions in coaching or therapy.
  • Engaging in conversations to inspire and motivate a transpersonal vision among coaches and therapists.
  • Introducing and discussing transpersonal models and processes that can be applied in coaching or therapy.
  • Sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences and resources that are useful to transpersonal coaches or therapists.

The TCTN presuppositions:

  1. Mind-Body-Spirit is one holistic system.
  2. All coaching and therapy interventions should lead to integration and wholeness.
  3. Self actualization is the process of unveiling who we already are on more intrinsic levels.
  4. Personal problems are linked to limited self-concepts and narrowed modes of perception, thus –
  5. Expanding one’s self-concept and opening one’s mode of perception can be generative and transformative.
  6. All human beings are more than they think they are, therefore they are capable of more than they think.
  7. How we perceive and relate to people, influences their perceptions and capabilities in our presence.
  8. All states are constantly changing, therefore we always have the choice to change how we experience any situation.
  9. Everyone and all phenomena are interconnected on some level(s), and it is possible to experience degrees of this interconnectedness to the point of unity consciousness.
  10. Transformation in coaching and therapy is promoted by transcending our sense of separateness and cultivating a sense of interconnection and oneness.

Free TCTN membership benefits – optional:

  • Listed in the TCTN Directory
  • Permission to create topics in the TCTN Forum and post comments or questions in all topic threads.
  • Contact with practitioners, educators and students of transpersonal coaching and therapy.
  • The possibility to have a recorded interview about your field of expertise featured in this website’s ‘interviews with experts’ area.
  • Have your content showcased in this website’s free resources area and in the TCTN Facebook Group.
  • The TCTN logo*

*Free TCTN logo conditions:

All TCTN members may display the TCTN logo wherever they feature their credentials, however this does not mean that the products or services provided by the member have been approved by TCTN, unless the following is implemented:

If you would like TCTN to approve of your product or service, including events and courses, you may obtain TCTN approval by applying for the IACTM Stamp of Approval. Only transpersonal coaching and therapy related products and services that are approved by IACTM may feature both the TCTN and IACTM logos where the product or service is promoted, as well as on course certifications. Products and services that have been approved by IACTM are showcased and promoted in this website’s approved resources area, in our newsletter and social media.

How to become a TCTN member:

Send an email to – including:

  1. Transpersonal Coaching and Therapy Network (TCTN)Personal details: full name, age, country of residence, contact details and website or social media page.
  2. Professional details relating to transpersonal coaching or therapy: qualifications, completed course(s), current studies, work experience and specialization (whichever is relevant).
  3. One or two sentences outlining why you would like to be a member of TCTN.
  4. A short paragraph describing how you apply (or will aspire to apply) at least 5 of the TCTN presuppositions in your work.

Applications will only be responded to if they include all the information requested in the 4 points above. Only complete applications will be reviewed and the applicant will be notified as to the outcome.

Privacy: Member privacy is important to us. We will not share any of the details contained in the member’s application with anyone else.

Regulation: Any ethical misconduct or unfairness on the part of a member will result in that member being removed from the group and all their member benefits withdrawn.

TCTN Forum

TCTN Directory

TCTN was founded by Jevon Dangeli and Jana Allmrodt in May 2017.
The TCTN Forum, Directory and Facebook Group are overseen and administrated by IACTM.

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