TherapyThere are Therapists who help people cope with and recover from varied conditions that range from physical problems, to psychological issues, to spiritual concerns. These can be conventional practices or ‘alternative’ and complimentary methods.

The list of therapeutic modalities available today is vast and we don’t claim to be well informed about all of them. Any professional Therapist may enquire about accreditation with us. We will ask for detailed information about their methodology if we are not yet familiar with it. We will also enquire into the Therapist’s training, experience and ethics to ensure that they fulfill the IACTM Accredited Therapist Criteria and our Core Competencies.

The current list of Therapists featured in our Therapist Directory is not a comprehensive list of available therapeutic modalities. They are the Therapists that are currently accredited by IACTM. If you don’t find a suitable Therapist or one in your area, then please notify us so that we can use all available resources to assist you in getting the help that you seek.

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