Therapist or Counsellor Accreditation

As an IACTM Accredited Therapist or Counsellor you get:

  • IACTM Accredited Therapist or Counsellor Certification.
  • A Professional Therapist or Counsellor profile featured in the IACTM Directory.
  • Showcased amongst a global community of highly reputable professionals.
  • Client referrals from IACTM.
  • We will promote your Therapist / Counsellor Profile to an appropriately niched audience (via this website, IACTM’s newsletter and social media)
  • Permission to display the IACTM logo and IACTM Stamp of Approval on your own website, emails, business cards, etc.
  • Listed on IACTM’s Approved Resources page – where your service may be selected by LIVE Foundation beneficiaries and paid for by sponsored funds.
  • Listed as an LIVE Foundation beneficiary (if you currently donate your time & energy to any form of humanitarian aid).
  • 50% discount off the IACTM Stamp of Approval fee (for your related products & services)
  • 50% discount off any additional IACTM Accreditation.
  • 80% discount off this website’s advertising rates.
  • IACTM Accreditation allows you to list your personal and professional development related articles, e-books, audios and videos in our Free Resources area.
  • With IACTM Accreditation, you are welcome to promote your service in IACTM´s Facebook group.
  • Heard! We welcome your suggestions and input so that IACTM can continue to expand, grow and deliver ever improving services.

IACTM Accredited Therapist/Counsellor Criteria:

  • You have undergone at least 450 hours of Therapist or Counsellor specific training from a reputable training provider. Note: In addition to direct teaching, the training hours can include supervised practice with clients, being the client in therapy/counselling, self-study and reflective practice time, course related work/project, additional therapy/counselling CPD hours.
  • You are a certified Therapist or Counsellor with a minimum of 450 hours of supervised practice with clients.
  • During the periods in which you provide professional therapy or counselling, you commit to undergo supervision and can provide evidence (written agreement) upon request.
  • You are able to demonstrate competence and professionalism as a Therapist or Counsellor in accordance with IACTM’s Core Competencies.
  • Compliance with the IACTM Policy.


  • Annual IACTM Accredited Therapist or Counsellor fee USD 130.- (refundable if you are not approved for accreditation)
  • One-time application and registration fee USD 30.- (non-refundable)

To apply for IACTM Therapist or Counsellor accreditation, please fill in the form below and register. Following that a page will open where you can enter your profile information.