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Coaching for Peace

Coaching for Peace

In response to the war in Ukraine, the LIVE Foundation is calling on coaches to provide free coaching for people who are directly involved in caring for the war victims, including the refugees.

We will endeavour to link suitable coaches with recipients who can benefit from this coaching opportunity.

If you are a qualified and experienced coach who would like to be involved in this initiative, please read the details and apply via this form.

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Caring for the Carers

The LIVE Foundation

Anyone who is directly involved in providing support, shelter or resources to the war victims in Ukraine, or the war refugees in other countries, is welcome to become a beneficiary of the LIVE Foundation. 

Beneficiaries will be able to receive free coaching and/or the IACTM Approved Resources of their choice.

Contact us to become a beneficiary.

Compassionate Activism in the time of Covid-19, and beyond…

Life as we know it is undergoing a radical change. We are all being affected in some way by the impact of the pandemic. We will all experience pain and/or loss, but there is hope

This global situation is presenting us with an unprecedented opportunity to reflect on what is of most importance to us and our precious planet, to reevaluate our priorities, and to establish a more purposeful life. 

We want to encourage everyone to pause and contemplate what is of true value to themselves, to others, and to our world at this time. We can then bring our insights and energy to life meaningfully, engaging with more awareness and compassion – collectively contributing to a better world.

In response to the pandemic and its repercussions, the LIVE Foundation is promoting compassionate activism around the world. We consider compassionate activism to be a three-fold practice involving (1) caring for oneself, (2) caring for those in need, (3) caring for the environment. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. 

Daily acts of compassionate activism may go a long way in aiding the collective consciousness of our world to shift toward valuing and sustaining mutual welfare — a better world for all.

The LIVE Foundation makes useful education and resources freely available to people who contribute their time and energy to humanitarian aid or environmental sustainability. To encourage compassionate activism, we invite anyone who commits to this practice to become a beneficiary of the LIVE Foundation.  

Every day we can choose to look at life through new eyes, with open hearts and with gratitude for the value of our connection to each other, to our environment, and for the small things that make a big difference.