IACTM Stamp of Approval

IACTM Stamp of ApprovalAcknowledging Excellence!

Providers of personal, professional and social development resources can enhance their credibility with the IACTM Stamp of Approval.

Getting the IACTM Stamp of Approval means that the product or service meets our Standard of Excellence and that IACTM considers it to be of good value as well as worthy of any claims made by the product or service provider.

The following 3 areas are considered for the IACTM Stamp of Approval:

  1. Education
    Includes courses, workshops, seminars, online training and educational programmes. When the education is in coaching, therapy, mentoring or training, then trainer accreditation is required – which will include the IACTM Stamp of Approval.
  2. Services
    Includes the coaching, therapy, and mentoring services provided by experienced professionals who have IACTM accreditation in their respective area (the IACTM Stamp of Approval is included in the accreditation fee). Other eligible services include events, retreats, holistic centres, non-profit organisations and professional bodies in the areas of coaching, therapy, mentoring and training.
  3. Products
    Includes websites, books, fims/videos, audio-programs, apps, podcasts and social media resources.

IACTM Accreditation vs Stamp of Approval – what’s the difference?

Application for the IACTM Stamp of Approval:

Provide us with a copy of your product or the complete details of your service.

Once reviewed and approved of, you will be notified as to which of the following three price categories your product or service will qualify for.

Individual – single products $59.00 anually*

Professional – product packages, courses, events and services $99.00 anually*

Corporate – products and services provided by institutions or organisations $199.00 anually*

The IACTM Stamp of Approval may be displayed anywhere that relates directly to the specific product or service for which it has been granted.

We showcase the IACTM approved resources on our Approved Resources page, in our monthly newsletter, as well as on IACTM’s Facebook group and other social media.

Submit your suitable product, service or course for the IACTM Stamp of Approval.

* Should changes to IACTM approved products or services be made at any stage, we must be notified in order to re-review (free). If the product or service is found to be in breach of our Standard of Excellence, IACTM approval will be withdrawn.