After five years of dialogues with professional coaches, therapists and mentors, IACTM was founded by Jana Allmrodt and Jevon Dängeli in 2009.

Jevon Dängeli & Jana AllmrodtJana (NLP Master Practitioner, Physiotherapist & Coach) and Jevon (Transpersonal Psychologist (MSc), NLP,- Hypnotherapy, Coach- Trainer) established a coaching and hypnotherapy training school in South Africa in 2007. They were unable to obtain formal accreditation for their courses at the time, due to the parameters set by government agencies and credible international associations. This issue was one that many other professional coaches and therapists were confronted with too, since, although they had ample training and experience, they were also unable to obtain accreditation.

The consensus was that accreditation providers at that time were in general: firstly- not taking into consideration the new developments in coaching, therapy and training methods, and secondly- there was often a requirement for the applicant to have done a course given by the accreditation body themselves or one of their affiliates. As such, many applicants were not eligible for accreditation or any legitimate form of professional recognition. This resulted in Jana and Jevon conversing with professional coaches, therapists, mentors and trainers – who jointly conceptualised and began forming an independent self regulating body for professionals in these fields, which later became IACTM.

Prior to the above, Jevon was a member of the NLP Association of South Africa for the duration of its existence – from 2005 to 2007. During this period he attended board meetings at the Coach Trainers Association of South Africa. More than two years of involvement in the operations of these two professional associations contributed practical knowledge regarding the management and administration of such professional bodies. Many dialogues, careful planning and setup followed in the subsequent couple years leading to the gradual development of IACTM. The original aim of this organisation was to provide professional recognition and approval for coaches, therapists, mentors and trainers who are:

  • Adequately trained
  • Sufficiently experienced
  • Competent and professional
  • Client centred (as opposed to protocol centred)
  • Ethical and authentic in the service that they provide

Since then, Jana and Jevon have continued to seek the advice of experts in these fields in order to establish IACTM’s Code of Ethics, Core Competencies, Policy, Accreditation Criteria and the modus operandi of the organisation that was coming into existence. This resulted in the formation of IACTM’s Board of Advisors and the establishment of professional collaborations with IACTM’s Partners – both of whom have made invaluable contributions over the years leading to IACTM today.

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