The LIVE Foundation origin 

Jevon Dängeli & Jana AllmrodtIn 2007, the IACTM co-founders Jana Allmrodt and Jevon Dängeli began making contact with humanitarian organisations in South Africa with the intention to provide free training to volunteers at those organisations. Their idea was to equip volunteering charity personnel and social workers with NLP and coaching skills in order for this to have a positive impact at a grassroots level within the poorer communities in South Africa. This initiative began to flourish, with the first sponsored participant attending their course in 2008. A year later they relocated their home to Europe. Loosing in-person contact with humanitarian organisations in South Africa, their initiative became hampered.

In order to continue their mission as well as make it more global, they approached other service providers in the coaching, therapy, mentoring and training industry, encouraging them to get involved. Their aim was to identify useful education resources that could be made freely available for the benefit of disadvantaged individuals and groups, by supporting and empowering the volunteers that are dedicated to helping these people. This initiative lead to an accumulation of education resources (including courses, products and services).

International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM)Next, they conceptualised and established a means of ensuring that all education resources offered by IACTM are of the highest quality and value. For this purpose, the IACTM Standard of Excellence was created in order for education resources that meet this standard to be eligible for The IACTM Stamp of Approval.

With only the investment of their own time and energy, Jana and Jevon were limited in their capacity to popularise this initiative sufficiently in order for it to have a significant benefit to society. Then, as the flood of refugees from Africa and the Middle East to Europe escalated in 2015, a sense of urgent need arose to get helpful resources to those that could put them to good use. All around Europe, people without any form of training in dealing with humanitarian issues began volunteering their time and energy to help the desperate refugees that were arriving in their countries. This catastrophe prompted Jana and Jevon to give urgent attention to making the useful resources in their organisation more available to people that could benefit from them. As such, a separate branch of IACTM was created – committed to supporting and empowering those who were actively involved in helping others in crisis. After a series of intensive dialogues with people involved in humanitarian aid, eliciting their challenges and needs, the complete concept and function of the IACTM Foundation was finalized in December 2015. The IACTM website was rebuilt to accommodate this new service, which went public in June 2016.

LIVE FoundationIn November 2017, the IACTM Foundation partnered with NTD Entrepreneurial Consultants (nonprofit organisation in South Africa) with the aim to drive local and international humanitarian aid initiatives. Their united initiative now operates as the LIVE Foundation.

The primary mission of LIVE is to create opportunities for positive change through empowering people who volunteer their time and energy in humanitarian aid and envoronmental sustainability initiatives. We go about this by making the volunteer’s choice of IACTM Approved Resources available for free. We pay the resource providers to deliver their course, service or product at no cost to the volunteer (beneficiary). In order to achieve this, we seek donations from sponsors.

To this day, Jana, Jevon, and Naomi Kieswetter (from NTD Entrepreneurial Consultants) continue to invest their time and energy into managing and growing LIVE, through supporting campaigns that address humaitarian and environmental issues in the world.

(LIVE is a registered Nonprofit Organisation in South Africa: 46-370-npo)